GFI Learning is the Digital Learning Hub for Entrepreneurs, CXOs and Professionals to learn awesome insights to take their Growth to Next Level.

Every course is so thoughtfully created so the learner takes away practical tools and concepts that can be applied in real time Business Situations and thus keep progressing towards Breakthroughs that empower them to set new benchmarks in what they do.

Training and Coaching is the Only Investment that can be written as Expenses in the book of Accounts.

Success comprises of Right Mindset, Following the Systems and ultimately Evolving to create a Winning Formula that works. JLI is an eco system of High Minded, Passionate and Committed Entrepreneurs, CXOs andĀ Professionals who not only learn but also share their experiences and view points of their takeaways and thus creating a ripple effect of learning from the learning.

At GFI Learning, you can expect courses on the areas of

  • Business Scale-Up
  • HR Systems
  • Marketing Systems
  • Financial Systems
  • Operational Systems
  • Leadership at Different Levels
  • Creating High Performance TeamsĀ 
  • Sales Hacks
  • Relationship Building
  • Personal Mastery
  • Holistic Goal Setting
  • And More . . .

Every learner gets a separate access towards these courses and can complete learning at their comfortable pace. Our motto is to make "Life Long Learning" a Culture in the lives of members belonging to this clan!

To Empower 1 Lakh CXOs to Scale-Up and Run their Business in Auto Pilot Mode

To Transform 1 Million Leaders through Masterclass and Special Programs

To Impact 10 Million Lives through Digital Medium

James Vineeth is a renowned Business Coach, Author and Philanthropist. 

He coaches Entrepreneurs and CXOs on Scaling-Up, Visionary Leadership, Building Social Influence, High Ticket Sales, Personal Excellence, Growth Hacking & Self Mastery through practical tools from Management, Psychology and his own Wisdom Insights Evolved from a Rich R&D of 15+ Years and a wide Exposure of Coaching 125+ Categories and Segments of Companies across different Countries!

People love to learn from his courses because it is simple enough to practice and deep enough to produce results. He connects so well with the audience and delivers high impact, action driven Power Talks.

Through his Sessions and Workshops, James has trained and Coached Lakhs of people on Mastering the aspects of Growing to the Next Level. His Purpose and Mission in life is to not only help everyone to Dream; But to help them follow their Dreams!